About Jamie lauren designs

Jamie Lauren Designs produces quality hand craft original accessories and small home furnishings for everyday enjoyment that go well beyond every day style. Unique and wonderfully unexpected, Jamie Lauren Designs brings a fresh and inspiring look that complements a wide range of style and décor from rustic to urban and in between.  Handbags, accessories, pillows and other small home furnishings are hand made with fabric and leather from around the world to bring you storied traditions in a modern day style.


about the artist

East Coast native turned Colorado entrepreneur, Jamie left corporate work to pursue her creative spirit.  Inspired by the creative process, motivated by constant learning and energized by bold color, Jamie enjoys pairing the beauty of old traditions with fresh new ideas to produce results that are wonderfully unexpected.  She lives with her husband, two young children, and golden retriever in Boulder, Colorado, a community known for its entrepreneurial and artistic nature.  



Jamie Lauren Designs features several imported textiles that originate from villages around the globe.  Each carefully selected piece is unique and carries with it a rich story of culture, tradition and beauty that is passed on and repurposed in its new unique form.   


Jamie Lauren Designs creates bags and pillows made from gorgeous Peruvian Frazadas.  Incredibly versatile textiles, frazadas are ideal for home furnishings and personal accessories. Jamie Lauren Designs’ frazadas mainly come from artisans in the Andean mountain villages of Peru. Made from sheep’s wool that is colored with natural dye, each frazada is unique and created with time honored traditional techniques.  


Huiplis are the most common traditional garments worn in Guatemala and the word translates to "my covering".  They are tunics that are loose fitting, generally wider than long, and typically multiple pieces that are sewn together.  The designs on the huipils are typically woven on a backstrap loom. The designs indicate what community they are from and can take up to 6 months to weave.


Hmong textile art and embroidery, translated as “flower cloth” in the Hmong language generally features vivid designs and contrasting colors. Different patterns and techniques of production are associated with geographical regions and cultures within the Hmong community. It has evolved over the years but remains distinctive in its rich and vibrant colors.  Jamie Lauren Designs features many products with hand embroidered Hmong fabric sourced from Thailand.


Each piece of mud cloth has a story to tell and is unique to the village it comes from.  Dating back to the 21th century AD, the art of making mud cloth today is a time consuming art that can take up to a week to complete. In addition to being decorative, the designs and patterns on mud cloth have symbolic meanings.  For example, Jamie Lauren Designs’ small arrow mudcloth pillow features the symbol known to be a farmer’s sickle.