Painting Fabric ???

While reading Design Sponge, I came across a couch that had been painted.  That is when the light when on!  Let me tell you why I wanted to paint this couch.  Have you ever had buyers remorse from Craig's List? Or have you ever bought something because you felt compelled and somewhat obligated when at the sellers house?  I've only walked away from two items I went to see on Craig's List.  I need to get better at saying 'no thank you'. 

photo 1-1.jpg

Well, I dragged my kids and husband to the next town over to check out a cherrywood couch and side chair. I loved the side chair but wasn't sure about the couch. The piece its self was amazing. Great construction, real wood, and very heavy.  Under a bit of pressure from crying kids in the car, husband waiting, and it being dinner time,  I said 'yes'.  We lug BOTH pieces home and the next morning I said 'oh no, what have I gotten myself into'.

The undertaking of this couch felt too much for the moment. So it sat for a few weeks. Then I came across the blog post on how to paint fabric. I was sold. I thought it was a great option for a well constructed piece of furniture that had impeccable upholstery - just the wrong color for this decade. I went for it and the end result is a major upgrade. I think it's a perfect piece for a boutique that needs a little Hollywood glamor.  Stay tuned for my next blog entry on the step by step process.