FedEx Small Business Grant

Did you know I've applied for the FedEx Small Business Grant? WOW! How amazing would it be if I was selected as one of the finalist? Hummm, what would I do with the grant money? Well, it would be put to good use fast.  

First, I'd love to purchase a new industrial sewing machine called a serger.  It's a stitch you see all the time on textiles to help give the edges a clean polished look. Second thing I'd get going on is hiring a few seamstress to help offset the ENORMOUS amount of work I'm doing most nights till 10pm.  A few other things I have on my list are: monetize my shipping efficincy through my website, visit the weavers and women who help me source textiles in Peru, and possibly work on my wholesale tradeshow booth for upcoming shows in NYC.

I love this quote I saw on Instagram last week, do you?  If you are reading this before April 25th, please visit the FedEx Small Business Grant page and check out the great variety of small business out there and feel free to give me a vote. It just takes an email and 30 seconds.