Winter Sourcing Trip: Peru & Guatemala

This past December we headed back to Peru and added Guatemala to our week of travels. We came back with some amazing finds.  In our seven days of travel, 3 of them were on planes. Eight flights and close to 70 hours of travel. Either in a plane, airport club, driving, or in a boat it was all worth it.

We first headed to Peru (18 hours later from CO) and with no time to spare, we arrived around 6 am in Cusco. Quickly dropping our bags off we headed out the door to our first market at 7:30 am! A few long days searching for the best of the best, we meet up with our sourcing partners and met new ones. We also went to a few new markets and ate at our favorite restaurant Inka Grill. 

Believe it or not, we couldn't fly from Peru to Guatemala, we flew back to Houston and then back down south. What a crazy 24 hours! Not having been to Guatemala before, we only had research of where we wanted to go and what we were looking for.  We stayed in Antigua, which is a great little town and also has lots of yummy food to check out.  We did lots of driving while in Guatemala, about 6 hours a day.  The best part about long drives is that you get to see the countryside, small villages, and towns, local markets, farmers, and how people live away from the modern life we are all so accustomed to.  

Here are some photos from each area.  We always have an amazing time on the road and look forward to doing it again.....but not two countries in 7 days.