Spring & Summer 2019

Come see our best sellers


Manta Bowling Bag

Another amazing carry all bag. Slightly smaller than our Weekender, the Bowling bag offers the perfect size to take to work, Yoga/Barre/Pilates, or a quick overnight getaway as a carry on. Each bag will be different due to the amount of Peruvian Manta required to make the bag. The bowling bag is about 20’ long and about 14” high.  Leather bottom, fully lined with cream cotton and has an inside pocket and the binding is a fun polka dot grosgrain ribbon. Thick cotton belting for straps and a cute little llama zipper pull!

San Mateo Half Moon

The San Mateo Ixtatán Ceremonial Huipil is incredibly rare and hard to find. They are from the 1960’s and all hand woven from wool and can take up tp 9 months to weave. There is no liner on these half moon bags, so you can see the inside in all its beauty. The diameter is 14”, comes with a hot pink zipper and binding can be turquoise or navy for a slightly toned down look. Each bag is different based on the cut from the textile, so no two are alike. The zipper pull is a handcrafted in Thailand using textiles from the Hill Tribe.

petersham indigo tote

While slightly more conservative for JLD, we have taken vintage petersham ribbon from London and added it our signature African Indigo and deer tan leather. The bag is approximately 16’ wide and 13” height.  Cream heavy weight cotton liner, inside pocket and has magnet closure. All bags come with red leather tassel.

Corte & Indigo Tote No.1

Our design patent tote has Corte from Guatemala and an indigo textile from Africa on the bottom. Corte is a traditional element of a womans wardrobe and is considered a staple in daily life.  The patterns in each corte vary from village to village. The corte for this season is pink, turquoise, and a small bit of yellow. 

braided hoop

Last year we did one hoop, this year we are doing 2, but braided! Adding our signature style to this fun hoop bag with a yellow or red rainbow grosgrain ribbon. The bag is approximately 12x13, cream cotton liner, pocket, and brass zipper with beaded leather pull. Hoops are approximately 4” in diameter and can easily go up to the elbow.